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Sign up to one of our Skin Care Subscriptions to begin your Healthy Skin Journey. Choose between a 6 month or a 12month subscription that will best suit you.


6 Month Subscription

You will receive

3  x MUKTI Pamper Facials upgraded with actives

2 x Dermaplaning Facials for thorough exfoliation

1 x Dermal Roller Facials + take home roller

1 x Deluxe Pedicures FREE

2 x Lash Tints FREE


Includes a MUKTI Hydrating or Balancing skin bundle to use at home after first payment.


Subscription cost $920

*valued at $1054!


First monthly installment is $153.33

* you will receive your take home skin care bundle after your first payment

Monthly installments of $153.33 for the following 11 months

Skin Subscription - 6 Months

Price Options
6 month facial
$153.33every month for 6 months
  • Subscription Period is 6months from the date of purchase.

    By purchasing this subscription you agree to the following terms:

    Facial Services - Clients will receive the specified amount of facials outlined in the subscription plan.

    Appointment Scheduling - Clients must schedule appointments in advance and are subject to availability.

    Non Transferrable - The subscription is non transferable and cannot be shared with anyone else.

    Unused services - Any unused services at the end of each month will not roll over to the following month.

    Payment - Payment for the subscription is due in full or on each due date and is non refundable.

    Cancellations - Clients may not cancel the subscription once it has been purchased. Beaute Bar reserves the right to modify services with prior notice.

    Non-Savings Account - This subscription is not a savings account or investment. Clients are paying for the convenience of receiving the services included in the subscription plan over a 6 month period.

    Expiration - The subscription ends after 6 months and any unused services will be forfeited.

    Terms subject to change -  Beauté Bar reserves the right to modify these terms with prior notice.

    Liability - Beauté Bar is not liable for any allergic reactions, injuries or other issues related to the facial services provided.

    Client responsibilities - Clients are responsible for disclosing any medical conditions, allergies or other relevant information that may effect their ability to receive the services included in the subribtion plan.


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