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This is the most common technique of Lashes. Your certified Lash Technician will individually place the chosen extension onto ONE of your Natural Lashes. Your desired look is determined by the amount of Natural Lashes that you have. E.g. if you have lots of Natural Lashes you will have a more dense look than if you have sparse natural Lashes. This look is perfect if you have a good amount of Natural Lashes.

Full set $110

Light set $95



If you have had your lash extensions done at Beaute Bar and you would like to keep wearing them.. (warning they are so addictive!).. then you will need to have them topped up to keep them looking full and lush, you can also upgrade your look to a full set, if you previously had a light set or increase to the volume look if you originally had classics, the look you are wanting will be time dependent but as a general rule see the below.

40 mins $65

- classic infill within 3 weeks -

- russian fill within 2 weeks -

50 mins $75

60mins $80

- 60mins may be needed if you have lost alot of classics

- russian infill within 3 weeks -




For fuller, fluffier Lashes RUSSIAN VOLUME is the one for you!

Your certified Lash Technician will isolate one of your Natural Lashes and then place a hand created fan of fine Extensions onto your Natural Lash. This creates beautiful Natural Volume. The size of the fan depends on what your Natural Lash can safely support. E.g. a fan can be made of 2 or upto 6 extensions. This look is perfect if your Natural Lashes are thinner or if you have a patchy lash line.

Full Set $145

Light Set $110



A treatment for your natural lashes.

Your Beaute Bar Therapist shapes and secures your lashes up onto a silicon rod, then applies solution that will re set the way your eyelashes curl.

followed with a tint to darken and define your newly lifted and curled lashes!

Your consultation will determine your desired effect. 


includes a tint

Eyelash Extensions Taupo
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