Tuscan Tan FAQ

Where is Tuscan Tan made?

Tuscan Tan is 100% Australian made and owned.

Is Tuscan Tan natural?

Tuscan tans active ingredient is derived front natural ingredients.

Is there any sun protection in Tuscan Tan products?

Tuscan Tan has NO sun protection, we recommend that you wear sun protection while using Tuscan Tan products.


Is Tuscan Tan tested on animals?

Absolutely no animals are harmed. Tuscan Tan is 100% against animal cruelty.


Is Tuscan Tan Vegan?

Yes! all Tuscan Tan products is Vegan Friendly 

What colour base is Tuscan Tan?

Tuscan Tan products have an exclusive Ultra Violet complex. This means that Tuscan Tan can adapt to any skin tone , from extremely Fair through to Olive.

Is Spray Tanning Safe through pregnancy?

Spray Tanning treatments are safe during pregnancy, Inhalation of the spray tan is not recommended, how ever if you inform your therapist you are pregnant we have charcoal mask you may use. Also we have and extraction system to help filter the air.