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Achieving your Brow Goals with Beauté Bar

If you are struggling to know which service to choose for your brows when visiting us, then let me tell you a little bit about each potion we have and this should clear it riiight up for you!


Brow Shape and Tint

This is your basic but beautiful brow enhancement service. We will assess and chat about your brow shape, colours and what your desires are, once established we will use a natural dye to gently colour your brow hairs which can include a soft temporary skin stain, then we wax and tweeze your brows to refine their shape.


Brow Henna

This is another product we have available for coloring your brow hair. Henna will give a slightly stronger stain on the skin giving you an effect that may look like you have used a pomade or some kind of brow makeup to fill them in. Henna is extremely soft and nourishing on your brow hair and we have a few colour options from deep brown to blonde to ensure we correctly match your colour.


Brow Stain

The hottest kid on the block for brow colour! Our stain is a combination of a Henna and a tint, to give you the staying power of Henna but the softness of a tint. We have 9 different shades, varying from blondes to dark browns, so we are able to tailor the colour to perfectly suit your look. The stain allows us to give you a beautiful faded ombre front still giving you amazing definition through the tails of your brow. Sharp and fiercely defined but still natural!


Brow Lamination

My ultimate FAAAAAVE. Lamination is a process where we apply a solutuon that allows us to soften the structure of your brow hair, reset the hair to a new, less uncontrollable position, then rebuild or reset the hair to stay the way that we want it. Your can have beautiful textured wispy brow or if you prefer a clean defined polished brow.. we can do it! Lasts between 4 - 6 weeks. Perfect if you have curly, spiky, unruly eyebrows that look like misbehaving rockstars by the end of the day.

We also have some great retail products available in the salon or in our online shop to care for your brows at home, such as our Brow Code Brow Oil, this oil is called brow gold for a reason! Perfectly created to hydrate and nourish your brows to encourage strength and growth, Max and Louie Brow kit, all the tools to create dream brows at home (brow sculpt, brow pomade, brow pencil and brow brush and comb)

I hope this had made it a bit easier to understand the services we have available for your brow treatments!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Leah xx

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